Juva juice provides new hangout spot for students


Lexie Hankins, Staff Writer

With the limited hangout options in Oxford, high-schoolers have started to hangout in untraditional places. Aside from restaurants and coffee shops, a new juice place is becoming trendy.

Oxford’s newest juice bar, Juva, is a place that many students have started to hang out around on days after school. Some students have even made new traditions, and one group goes there together weekly.

Juniors Sara Katherine Waller, Katie Thomas, Mary Clark Hayward, and Aubrey Kate Merrell go to Juva every Thursday; they all plan to continue their new tradition throughout the school year. There’s even hope for this to continue into their senior year.

“It’s a good way for us to get together during the busy school year,” Thomas said.

This group of girls all heard about Juva in different ways, but they all decided to try it together. It originally set them up with hopes for a good atmosphere for friends, and seemed to reach their expectations.

“I heard about Juva when I toured the campus of Mississippi State over the summer, and heard that Oxford was getting one,” Waller said. “I got excited for it, and immediately knew I wanted to try it.”

Juva specializes in smoothies and juices, which vary from desserts to protein drinks. You can get mixtures of varying fruits, and protein can be added into the blend. There’s even an option for a pre-workout drink, to try and cater to different desires.

“The smoothies are amazing, some of the best I’ve ever had,” Thomas said.

While they like to keep it new and try different things regularly, favorites among the group include the PCB, Strawberry Shazam, the Nelly, and the Resort.

“I would definitely recommend the Resort, it’s very good, but only if you’re a fan of strawberries,” Hayward said.

With an opening atmosphere, it’s hard for customers to not enjoy it and find themselves returning. Juva brings satisfaction to consumers and keep them coming back regularly, never letting them down.

“My friends and I liked it so much that we decided to make it a once a week thing, and Thursday works great for us,” Waller said. “The place is so modern and organized, and all the workers are extremely friendly.”

Waller, Thomas, Hayward and Merrell all embrace the incredible service and hospitality of the workers at Juva, and seem to have nothing but nice things to say about it.

“Juva is simple,” Merrell said. “It isn’t overwhelming you with choices and honestly, it’s just better tasting!”