Apple update receives mixed reviews from students

Lexie Hankins, Staff Writer

Recently, Apple released a new update for iPhones. iOS 10 was revealed, and Apple has gotten mixed signals from customers.

Changes that the new update brought include new emojis, an updated lock screen, a new layout for iMessages, and much more.

One of the fans of the update, sophomore LilaGrace Lara, especially likes how Apple changed the emojis and finds the update to be easier to use.

“I like this update because, other than the lock screen, I find it easier,” Lara said. “You do not have to unlock it to do a lot of cool things. My favorite part is definitely the new emojis because I like that they are more realistic and more inclusive.”

Some students regret updating to the new iOS, and some Apple customers do not plan on updating at all. Freshman Cady Pittman is one of the customers who does not plan on updating because, to her, the confusion is not worth it.

“I do not want to update because it seems really confusing. It adds in a ton of new additions,” Pittman said. “I don’t like the texting. It seems so different. I text for my sister sometimes and it is really confusing for me.”

A complaint that seems to pop up for many is the confusion iOS 10 brings, and multiple people do not know how to properly work it. A prime example of this confusion is the updated lock screen because many seem to have trouble unlocking their phones.

“If I could change anything, I would change the lock screen. I don’t like it,” Franks said.

Another reoccurring topic among the students are the new emojis, especially with the controversy of the gun emoji. Apple recently replaced their gun emoji with a water gun. Controversy was stirred because some express that the change was unnecessary, but many applaud Apple for the change.

“I like it,” Lara said. “I think that it really pushes the whole no violence thing because too many people get killed by guns regularly.”

From emojis to lock-screens and iMessage updates, opinions on the new update are split. Nevertheless, iOS 10 is here to stay.

“It did not come with an instruction manual and it should have, honestly,” junior Noah Franks said. “It did not improve my phone at all.”