Yearbook staff hosts signing party for students receiving books


Livvy Cohen

Juniors Shannan Ray, Tamara Mayes, and Syrena Sisk look through pictures in their yearbook at the signing party.

Karina Patel, Staff Writer

Oxford High School’s yearbook staff held a yearbook signing party on Friday, Aug. 11 in the courtyard of OHS to celebrate the 2016-2017 edition of the yearbook.

“It [the signing party] is nicer,” junior Hailey Lowery said. “There is a lot more stuff to do.”

There was one aspect of this year’s yearbook signing party that stuck out to almost everybody, and that was the Sno Biz snow cones that were offered to the students that purchased a yearbook the previous year.

“We all get to socialize and sign each others’ yearbooks,” sophomore Hayden Hubbell said.

Students got to look at their yearbooks for the first time during the party, and many were very pleased with the outcome. However, certain complications made the process of getting the yearbooks a little harder.

“We were a little unorganized because the yearbooks were completely out of order when we got them,“ senior Aubrey Kate Merrell, co-editor of the yearbook, said.  “We were not aware of that, so that kind of threw us for a loop.”

Some students noticed that everyone was in such a rush to get their yearbooks and snow cones that it made the courtyard area a bit cramped.

“That is kind of inconvenient because you have to wait in a long line to get snow cones,” sophomore Maria Jones said. “I wish it was more organized.”

After seeing the 2016-2017 edition of the yearbook, students are ready to see what this year’s edition will bring as well.

“I am super excited about that one [the 2017-2018 yearbook]. It is probably going to be my favorite because it is my senior year yearbook,” Merrell said. “We are doing it by season this year, so it will go fall, winter, etc. It is going to be awesome.”

Many students do not like having to wait over summer to get their yearbooks, even if the party was a big success, but the good news is that students no longer have to wait that long for their yearbooks or another signing party.

“[The yearbook] will come out at the end of this year… so we are going to have two [signing parties] in a year,” Merrell said.