Broadcast begins new talk show, replaces CTV News


Lauren Bial

The Snooze, OHS’ student broadcast talk show, films here. The show airs every Friday and features senior Andrew Gardner and junior Caroline Newsom.

Lauren Bial, Staff Writer

The Snooze, Oxford High School’s new broadcast show hosted by senior Andrew Gardner and junior Caroline Newsom, is set to appear on their Youtube channel every Friday.

The show will replace OHS’ old broadcast show, CTV News. The Snooze is intended to be more of a talk show than a news channel and will cater to younger people.

“I decided I didn’t want to make CTV, necessarily because my thought process was CTV is an emulation of a form of broadcast that people our age don’t really watch,” Gardner said. “What I tried to do was market this form of broadcast for people our age.”

Before Gardner was working with the Snooze, he was a part of The Season, OHS’ award winning program that focuses on sports and featuring student athletes. For Gardner, it was a learning experience and introduced him into the world of broadcast.

“Merrick (McCool) and I were just two young and hungry people just looking forward to starting this thing,” Gardner said.

When Diala Chaney, the head of the journalism department, needed someone to become the editor of CTV News, Gardner stepped forward.

“It was a hard decision because The Season was hard to leave obviously because we worked so hard on it and we were both incredibly proud of it, and I’m still proud of it to this day,” Gardner said.

The Snooze was a new experience for both students. This year is Newsom’s first year on broadcast and Gardner’s first year working on a news show. When he was a part of The Season, he and the other students knew what they wanted. For the Snooze, Gardner had to take his hands off and allow other input from students.

“The first time filming, me and Andrew were both really nervous because we had these three giant lights on us, and our friends standing behind the camera watching us,” Newsom said. “It’s all a little stressful, but I think we’ll get used to it sooner or later.”

The two students both see room for improvement. Due to the trip to Edinburgh Festival Fringe with the theater department, Gardner missed the entire first week of school. Newsom and the rest of the broadcast team had to familiarize themselves with editing and new equipment without Gardner.

“With this first episode, I think it’s a good jumping off point as to what kind of style we want to accomplish,” Gardner said. “For now, this is a good starting off point.”

Since the show is so new, the co-hosts are still brainstorming ideas for future episodes. Gardner would like to see the show be more impromptu and natural.

“It definitely gonna be a lot of fun, and I really want to get the school to know that if there’s anything they want to see on there, odds are that we’ll do it,” Newsom said. “If anyone has suggestions, please tell us.”

The show films every Wednesday and airs on Fridays. Gardner says filming is more relaxed and laid back, unlike a formal broadcast program. Newsom sees it as a good time to bond with her new friends on broadcast.

“I think that because we have such a lax atmosphere on set that it translates to the camera which I think is important,” Gardner said.

The Snooze will still focus on local and world news, but it will be a way for the two co-hosts to talk about the news and “hash it out” to provide a different side to a story.  It will also have games and other fun skits.

“I actually really like that we’re changing up a lot because I feel like last year with CTV News, not many people even knew about it,” Newsom said. “We’ve been talking about the Snooze a lot lately so that everyone knows about it. The whole point is to make the students entertained, and that’s what I think it will do.”

Gardner and Newsom are more focused on getting the show started and improving it at the moment. Both of them hope that the show appeals to students, and it is something they can look forward to every week.

“I think the main goal for the show is to just make a really cool thing. The ultimate goal is to enhance the quality of life for the students at Oxford High,” Gardner said. “Now people can look and go ‘man this is a nice time to take out of my day and just watch.’”

Because the Snooze was made for the students, Newsom and Gardner love to see the student body enjoying the show.

“The love that people have poured out and the support they have given us has been so overwhelmingly appreciated,” Gardner said. “We are nothing without the support of the community and the students here.”