Cheer team works to earn national title for second year in a row


Riley Merrell

Cheerleaders on the varsity team cheer on the Chargers at their game against Pontotoc.

Anna Barrett, Staff Writer

Throughout the years, cheer has evolved from cheering on different sports teams on the side lines to a competitive athletic event where different teams compete for various titles. Since winning the national championship last year, the OHS cheer team plans to continue their winning streak at competitions.

“The things we are doing now are helping us get better day-by-day,” senior cheerleader Katie Parker said. “We are more disciplined, and we are working really hard to achieve all of our goals like winning state and nationals.”

According to varsity head coach Nicole Roberson, the team puts in many hours of practice every week from April, when tryouts are held, until February of the following year when they go to nationals. The team as a whole has high expectations for this year’s competition season.

“Our competition routine expresses a very flattering skill level, and as a team, we are working really hard to get everything hitting together,” McDaniel said. “I definitely have high expectations for competition season.”

According to Roberson, the squad has really grown through the years both as a team and as individuals, and their growth shows because of their ability to increase the difficulty while still being able to learn new skills.


“It’s a neat experience watching them come in and learning those early skills and comparing it to what they have accomplished while improving new skills, techniques, and confidence,” Roberson said. “It’s just satisfying watching them mature throughout the year.”

Freshman Ansley McDaniel believes that because of their hopes to win a national title again, the team has become very disciplined in their practices. She believes that moving up to varsity cheer comes with many more responsibilities.

“It is more about being clean and tight,” McDaniel said. “Cheering for the high school team means that you really have to pay attention to the game you are cheering at.”

Parker believes that being a cheerleader at Oxford is more than just the sport, it means you have to love your people (LYP), and it means you have to be there for each other.

“My responsibilities include being someone the younger girls can look up to and depend on at cheer, but also outside of cheer.  I have to keep a good attitude so it will motivate them to keep a good attitude,” Parker said. “Outside of cheer I want to be there for the younger girls so they can come to me with anything.”

According to sophomore Christina Evans, the team is competing to win the national title in Orlando, Fla., same as last years team.

“Everyday we practice is one step closer to wining nationals,” Evans said. “We are competing to win, like the previous competition team did and to show that you need to put in the effort and work to win.”