Fortnite rises in popularity, students play game in new Esports club


Edward Brown

Sophomore Spencer Norris plays Fortnite on his console. An Esports club where students can play the game was started at OHS by junior Matthew Swales.

Edward Brown, Staff Writer

With over 45 million users playing and many Oxford High School students taking part, Fortnite has quickly become one of the most popular multiplayer games of 2018. The game incorporates a “last man standing” theme with elements of survival and fighting.

One particular fan of Fortnite is junior Matthew Swales.  He had played the game before it became popular and enjoys many of its unique gaming aspects that other games don’t have.

“My favorite thing about Fortnite is the ability to build and manipulate your opponent’s move based on every action you take,” Swales said.

One primary reason Fortnite has been so successful is because the game is free to download.  Junior Dan O’keefe was one of the many who downloaded the game to play for free.

“Normally I buy games that I think look fun or whatever, but thankfully for Fortnite I didn’t have to pay anything,” O’keefe said.

There has also been talk about incorporating Fortnite into an Esports club at OHS.  While the Esports club hasn’t had an official meeting yet, students will be able to talk about and play video games together.  Swales is a founder of the club and is excited by the prospect of Fortnite becoming a part of the club.

“The point of the club is to unite gamers together, have a good time and learn about Fortnite and other various Esports,” Swales said.

Some teachers have also heard talk of Fortnite between students, such as Physics teacher Charley Sabatier.  After hearing some of his students and soccer players discussing Fornite, he asked them about the game and did some of his own research.

“When I first heard about Fortnite, I thought it was some sort of inappropriate joke that kids were talking about,” Sabatier said. “All of a sudden, everybody was talking about it.”

Fortnite obviously will not appeal to everyone, but has become popular throughout OHS and other schools.

“A ton of people in our school play, so it’s cool to be able to play such a fun game with a lot of my friends,” O’Keefe said.