Seniors show off their knowledge of Medieval times at annual fair


Anna Barrett

Seniors at the fair set up different booths and activities for students to participate in. The fair ran from first through fourth period.

Lauren Bial, Staff Writer

Every year seniors at Oxford High School are given the opportunity to show off what they have learned in their English IV classes about Medieval culture and literature. Students from both the high school and Della Davidson came to the fair visiting all of the booths and activities set up in the courtyard of OHS.

“I remember going to the Medieval fair when I was at Della Davidson and having lots of fun seeing the older kids dressed up,” sophomore Eleanor Berry said. “It was fun to see some kids from Della there today.”

Kimberly Austin, an English III & IV teacher, leads the fair every year. This year, she was dressed as the Queen Mother, or the mother of the king. Austin loves all aspects of the fair, but her favorite is all of the different costumes worn at the fair.

“I love the costumes,” Austin said. “I am a huge nerd who loves to dress up.”

Students who attend the fair have the option to participate in medieval games, such as shooting dice and archery, or buy food from some of the booths.

“My favorite part of the fair is hanging out with friends and playing the games,” Berry said. “The free cookies were a nice bonus.”

Senior Merrick McCool participated in the fair as one of the gamblers. McCool says that a lot of research goes into being in the fair.

“[We research] how to dress, how to talk [and] where would be in relation to the king,” McCool said.

According to McCool, he enjoys having fun and goofing off with other seniors. He suggests for upcoming seniors to have a good time and enjoy the fair..

“Just have fun with it. Don’t see it as something that is hard work and be able to laugh at yourself in tights,” McCool says.

Due to the preparation that goes into each project, Austin recommends not procrastinating and starting the night before on their booth or activity for the fair. Her advice to rising seniors is to have fun with their project.

“It takes more time than you think to make it look nice,” Austin said. “Put some effort into it, make it fun.”