Softball recognizes Lowe in annual “Strike Out for a Cure” game


Grace Logan

Dr. Barbara Lowe walks through the team huddle giving the players high fives. This is the team’s first year helping with the event.

Grace Logan, Staff Writer

The annual “Strike Out for a Cure” softball game against Lafayette Commodores honored Oxford School District’s very own Dr. Barbara Lowe.

The “Strike Out for a Cure” game is hosted every year at Lafayette High School by head coach Katie Jenkins and her team. This is softball head coach Tabitha Beard’s second year to be a part of this game, however this is the first year she has been a part of the planning process.

“I really did not know anything about it. We didn’t participate, and I felt awful because I did not know. Afterwards, I talked to Coach Jenkins and told her I really want to be a part of it with [Lafayette] next year,” Beard said. “When we really got into the planning phase this year she asked ‘Do you know anyone?’ and Dr. Lowe immediately came to mind. I mean she’s been out since August, and I know that has to be rough. I know how much she loved her kids, and when I talked to the girls, her name was the first to come up.”

Lowe attended the game and was recognized before the Varsity game,—a touching moment according to Lowe

“One of the hardest parts about fighting cancer has been missing my students and interacting with students I don’t teach but get to know and love just the same,” Lowe said. “Having the girls and their coaches from both schools honor me reminded me that I may not be in the classroom, but I am still in their hearts.”

Not only was it an emotional moment for Lowe, but for the players as well according to junior and outfielder Kelsey Wilborn.

“It meant the world to me for Dr. Lowe to be at the game,” Wilborn said. “Just her spirit and energy is what made me want to go even harder, and it was just a joy for her to be there.”

Lowe walked through the team huddle and stood on the pitching mound with both teams for a speech before the game.

“I loved the smiles and high fives,” Lowe said. “Being surrounded by so much positive energy inspires me to keep fighting.”

All the proceeds earned at the game were given to Lowe to help with her treatments.

“She couldn’t stay long and got really tired so she stayed for the JV game, but just to see the appreciation,” Beard said. “You knew she was happy to be there and that it meant so much to her. It was pretty awesome to be apart of it.”

Although Lafayette won the game, Beard hopes this is a moving experience that vouches for the motto “playing for something bigger than us” that Beard sets for the team.

“One of the things we are talking about is “the strength to keep moving” and Dr. Lowe is a great example of that,” Beard said. “The outcome [at the game was] not what we wanted but the beautiful thing about softball and about life is you just got to stand in there and keep swinging and that is what I hope they take out of it.”