OSD holds the United Way Workplace Giving Campaign

Eli Solinger, Staff Writer

With OHS librarian Amanda Osborne’s help, OSD is having a fundraiser called the United Way Workplace Giving Campaign, for the library through Sept. 13.

Only OHS teachers can donate to the fundraiser. This campaign will help build out school library.

“We have this campaign every year, and this fundraiser is only for the Oxford School District employees,” Osborne said.

All the OSD schools will compete with each other to raise the most money. Whichever school collects the most money by Sept. 13 will win $500.00 to be used towards that school’s library.

“$500.00 is a lot of money for the library. A library book costs about $25.00 to $30.00. If I purchase an E-book, it could be $30.00 to $60.00 a book,” Osborne said.

Teachers will be rewarded on how much they donate. $5.00 will let teacher wear jeans an extra day that week. $15.00 gives teachers the ability to wear jeans the whole week. $25.00 will let teachers wear jeans for two weeks in a row, and if you donate $50.00, you will be able to wear jeans everyday in September.

“You can go online and give, or they can pickup a donation form that was dropped off in there teachers boxes,” Osborne said.

All the money raised goes to United Way, a nonprofit organization that does charity work. For example, it has raised money for the Boys and Girls Club, Girls Scouts, the Public Library, Leap Frog, and Good Food for Oxford Schools. So far, Oxford High School has raised $450.00.

“The school that has the highest number of donations per building will get $500.00 per capita. Since some schools are bigger than others, whoever has the highest average will get $500.00,” Osborne said.