Varsity Spirit TV show comes to Oxford High School


Anderson Shows, staff writer

The brand Varsity Spirit has chosen Oxford High School, along with two other schools in California, out of 127 other schools for their new documentary series about Friday night lights. The show will highlight many features that give an in- sight into the experience of what goes into Charger football games every Friday night.

Head cheerleading coach Lauren Lauzon talks about what Varsity will cover on the sidelines during the game.

“They will highlight the high school cheer and dance team, the O-Zone student section will be covered as well and the band,” Lauzon said. “It will really showcase our Friday night lights experience at OHS.”

Earlier in the season, YouTuber Jonquall came to film at Oxford for the game against South Panola for his YouTube
channel. Although Varsity will be focusing more on the other elements of Friday nights unlike Jonquall, this will be Oxford’s second time having national coverage of Charger football this season, senior student section leader Ross Shows said.

“For the South Panola game, we had Youtuber Jonquall and he wasn’t that big, but it was just something that was really cool and a lot of people thought that it was really cool. Really just having national coverage and having somebody come and show you off as something that we get to take advantage of and really be honored by. It’s an accomplishment for us to be selected for this documentary, so you have to show up and show out, not only as students but as cheer, dance and also band,” Shows said. “I think it’s something that will be really cool, not only for the school but for the students as well. Having national coverage no matter who or what it is will always be a great thing and something you can tell people about.”

Although football players get the spotlight on Friday nights, Lauzon is glad that the other student athletes are receiving coverage for their respective hard work and preparation.

“I think a lot of times people forget that the cheerleaders and dancers work just as hard as other athletes. Not only do they have to be prepared for Friday nights, but also they’re working on their own competition routines ,” Lauzon said. “I think it’s great that they are getting to be high- lighted in a way to say, hey here we are, and I think that’s great. They really deserve it.”

In September of this year, Varsity Spirit released a four episode show with Brandon High School cheer and their journeys from 2020 and 2021 state competitions and cheer nationals. Although the show will not be as long as Brandon High was covered for, it is still a great start for Oxford.

“They did a big series with Brandon High School, it was a multi-episode series about their cheer squad. So the longevity isn’t there like that, but at least it’s a start for us getting our name out there and to show that we’re a part of this world too when we’re just as good as everybody else.” Lauzon said.

At Oxford High School, so many new traditions with Ox- ford football have been made throughout the past years including the new light show at Bobby Holcomb Field. With the show covering tradition at Oxford, many unknown traditions are to be brought to the light. Senior Chargerette Mattie Beauchamp “They are basically talking about tradition, and we are a Varsity school with all of our uniforms coming from them. So they came and filmed all of our Friday traditions like going to Della Davidson Elementary School as we go and open car doors which is something we do every single Friday,” Beauchamp said. “It will be really fun to see the way they will perceive us because of the really cool traditions we have at Oxford with the cheer team and the O-Zone and the band. They all kind of work together to create the best game day experience as possible for the fans and the football team.”

Dance is often looked at as more of just the sidelines, but it is way more than just that.

“I think it’s really cool how they will show the country what all Oxford High School does and it’s a really cool opportunity for us to get some exposure. With the dance world heavily revolving around social media and national coverage, I feel like this will be a great opportunity for us just to put our name out there, make a statement, and show who the Oxford Chargerettes dance team really is,” Beauchamp said.

Being located in a famous small college town, the name of Oxford is very well known around the country. Hav- ing national coverage really helps other people see what Oxford High School really is and what they are going to be.

“I believe that this show could be a really cool thing that could change Oxford High School forever and bring the school and athletics some national attention that it deserves,” Shows said. “With all of the hard work that goes into bringing the perfect game day atmosphere for Friday nights, it will be hard for other schools around the country to not see the successful future for the OHS football program.”