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A new era of professional golf

LIV Golf Tour vs PGA Tour

PGA Tour:

By: Brody Denevan

Following the launch of LIV Golf in June 2022, the constant debate of whether to support the PGA Tour or LIV Golf League has been encompassing the golf community. It comes down to a battle of tradition or technology. Should we show our support to the long lasting, traditional PGA, or the shorts-wearing, music blasting LIV Golf?

When you see a PGA Tour tournament either in person or on TV, the course is quiet to help the players focus. “Quiet on the course” has been a spoken rule of the sport of golf for years. However, with the start of the LIV Golf League, venues are seen playing music all over the course at loud volumes trying to appeal to a new set of golf viewers. Not only is this disrespectful to the game of golf, but also to the players who are trying to compete for their share of the earnings.

Another difference between LIV and PGA is the fact that LIV Golf competes in team format, while the PGA is solo competitions. While the PGA Tour has a weekly cut line that players must make in order to compete in the following rounds of the tournament and make money, LIV Golf doesn’t have a cut line and all players are paid. Along with large offers of hundreds of millions of dollars to make the switch to LIV has appealed to a few big names on the PGA Tour such as John Rahm, Brooks Koepka, Bryson DeChambeau, Dustin Johnson along with others. While the PGA consists of over a hundred players, veterans and amateurs mixed, LIV Golf has a player pool of only 54 players.

Another concern about LIV Golf is the longevity of the league. LIV Golf is backed by Saudi Arabia, and their business model relies heavily on outside funding. This partnership has also raised ethical concerns, which could damage the league’s reputation. The PGA has shown its ability to make a lasting impression on golf all around the world, and has nothing else to prove. The LIV Golf League lacks legacy, legitimacy and has proven nothing to golf fans, showing that The PGA will be in a safe spot for many years to come due to the uncertainty of LIV Golf.

LIV Golf’s basis on trying to appeal to a new generation of golfers isn’t making them stand out. The smoke machines, screens, speakers are no match for the technological advancements of the PGA Tour. The PGA’s partnerships with all major golf brands allow the PGA to continue to innovate and further grow their league. Another partnership being Trackman, a golf monitor brand that measures players’ stats, allows the PGA to track ball flights and statistics on broadcasts. The PGA isn’t going anywhere and is developing with technology just as well as anyone else.

Whether you follow the tradition and rich legacy of the PGA or the unprofessional and money-chasing players of LIV Golf, the sport of golf itself will see many more years to come, no matter how many more phony leagues decide to spring up and attempt to take over.

LIV Golf:

By: Fisher Giles

The LIV golf tour was started in 2021 when the fun in golf was revived. This tour was funded by Saudi Arabia with their 700 million dollar public investment fund. While the PGA tour has history, LIV golf stands out in many different ways bringing a new energy to the golf world.

In the LIV Golf Tour, you are allowed to dress to your comfortability  instead of being stuck having to wear pants in 100 degree weather and possibly risk heat stroke. At the LIV golf tour you are allowed to dress freely to how you feel that day, while you can not wear sweatpants and t-shirts, you are still allowed to be comfortable with khaki shorts and comfortable dress shirts. On the PGA tour, when playing you are forced to wear pants no matter how hot it is outside.

At the LIV Golf Tour, you are allowed to cheer and make noise for the golfers unlike the PGA as they’re rule is to be quiet while the golfers hit. We are shown an example on the “party hole” in Las Vegas on hole number eight. This hole is a par three and fans are set up to be around the hole and invited to let loose and have fun.  This hole has a DJ set up to perform music whenever a great shot is hit and brings more kinetic energy to the hole. While on the PGA tour there is no music allowed during play, you might have your occasional roars and cheers. However, the PGA lacks the fun of a live DJ on the course or the ability to scream out and give the players some energy.

The LIV Golf Tour is much cheaper for fans to attend as the average ticket price for a LIV tour is $84.47 cents per day, starting at $46.60 in earlier rounds and going up to $94.99 in later rounds. Compared to the PGA’s expensive tickets with the first round starting at $200 plus taxes and fees, second round $265 plus taxes and fees, and the third and fourth rounds starting at $270 plus taxes and fees. The LIV golf tour is the perfect place to watch golf at a cheap price with a fun and entertaining atmosphere.

Also, the golfers in the LIV Golf Tour are making more money in their tournaments. While some people might say it’s not all about the money, with the PGA tour getting merged with LIV golf now why not get paid the big money and still be allowed to play in the both golf tournaments. Even before the merger, you could still be invited back to play in the PGA events if you have already won some tournaments and still get paid by the LIV tour. On the PGA tour, you are not paid money just to play in the tournament, you have to make it to certain levels to get paid certain amounts. Compared to the LIV golf where you sign contracts to play for them and are guaranteed money in these contracts. Jon Rahm for example after winning the Masters signed a contract with the LIV tour worth over $300 million dollars and is still allowed to play in the PGA Tour tournaments.

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Brody Denevan, co-news editor
Brody is a sophomore at OHS. This is his second year on the paper. In his free time he enjoys playing golf and spending time with family and friends.
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Fisher Giles is a sophomore at OHS.