Sophomore starts creative writing club


Mia Sinha

As a high school student, you are expected to write hundreds of papers during the course of your four-year education – whether it be an essay on a classical book or a lab report on the subatomic layers of the universe.

However, there are a few times when a high schooler gets to express their individuality through another form of writing: creative writing.

The basic definition of creative writing is the art of making things up in the most attractive, apt and convincing way possible. This could be novels, poetry, screenwriting, short stories, etc.

As schools began to focus their attention to standardized tests, teachers began to focus more on essay-style writing, as would be seen on statewide tests. This left students with a lack in the creative writing department.

“Creative writing is important for many reasons,” said Amanda Witt, an OHS freshman English teacher and newly appointed sponsor of the OHS Creative Writing Club. “Writing can be an outlet for people who are stressed or struggling to understand their emotions.

“Creative writing can also help a student to find their writing voice, which in turn can assist them in academic writing.”

On Dec. 8, OHS hosted its first ever Creative Writing Club meeting. It consisted of a handful of students, all with similar interests in furthering their writing skills.

“I thought the club would be a good opportunity for people to hone their creative writing skills because it is a thing you are going to need no matter what you do,” said freshman Anna Kate Franklin, a main founder of the club.

The club plans to write during meetings and get tips and ideas from both peers and their sponsor. They are also planning to have guest speakers from the University of Mississippi come in to help them with their skills.

“I guess not many people our age enjoy writing necessarily,” said freshman Macy Robinson, who attended the interest meeting. “Teachers say, ‘Oh, you know, we are going to write an essay,’ and everyone goes, ‘Aww.’  So you think that maybe people don’t actually like to write.

“I personally didn’t think that anyone else my age liked to write, and then I found out about the club.”