COLUMN: Puppies more adorable than babies



Drake Logan, Opinions Editor

People love things that are cute. We all do.

Go find the toughest guy in the world and he will probably secretly love puppies. For a long time, people have argued about whether puppies or babies are more cuter.

Let me go ahead and break this down for you. Puppies are, by far, cuter than babies.

Oxford High junior Alison Dabney said, “Puppies are a lot cuter than babies. They are fun and easier to take care of. They are more playful and excited to see you.”

Dabney is absolutely correct. No puppy wakes you up in the middle of the night screaming and crying. Puppies don’t have to wear diapers and they don’t have to be fed with a bottle. They are so much easier to be taken care of, and not to mention, puppies are just cuter looking.

Anyone arguing against this column genuinely has no valid argument. You can wake a puppy up from a deep sleep and they’ll still be happy and excited, and within a few minutes they’ll be ready to play. The same certainly could not be said for human babies. Human babies throw fits and they make a mess entirely more than puppies do. Puppies make messes but they typically are much cuter to take care of.

“Puppies are just more fun and less stressful to take care of,” junior Sam Pegues said.

There are things about babies that are cute, sure. But they do not even compare to the level of cuteness that puppies are able to reach. A puppy of any breed is going to be adorable, regardless of what its parents looked like. The same cannot be said for a human child.

The truth is out, folks. Puppies are adorable and they are cuter than babies. And if I’m being honest, it is not even really a close contest.