OHS students face burden of completing both AP, state exams


Jeffrey Wang, Staff Writer

Oxford High School students will begin arguably the most stressful two weeks of their school lives starting on Monday with the first of the College Board Advanced Tests.

The AP tests are college-level tests administered by The College Board (makers of the SAT and PSAT). Students may take tests in one or more subjects.

However, with these AP tests some students have the differing opinion of whether or not students need to take the state tests since the AP tests are superior in many others’ minds.

The state tests are tests chosen by each state every year to assess all student’s knowledge of core subjects taught in school. Such as in the state of Mississippi students are tested on their knowledge of subjects such as English, Algebra, and United States History.

Students at OHS also have differing opinions on whether or not state tests are necessary along with the superior and more difficult AP tests.

“I personally don’t think that we do not need to take the state tests along with AP tests,” said OHS sophomore Josh Pearson. “When compared, they are not as important since most colleges will not look at state tests as they differ, while the AP test is the same everywhere.”

Some students also believe that, since there are certain requirements needed to be met in completing an AP exam, these AP exam scores and accomplishments would compensate for not having to take the state test.

“Since I have meet the requirements to enroll in classes such as Calculus and AP U.S. History,” said OHS junior Dylan Howard, “I believe that I would easily pass the state tests. Also, the state could also just look at my AP scores to base whether or not I am qualified for state curriculum requirements.”

Along with the addition of mandatory state tests, many students feel burned out after AP exams, as the tests take up to three hours of a day to complete, and many students enrolled in multiple AP course during the academic year complete several AP exams throughout the week.

“I feel like since most of the time the AP tests come before our state tests,” said OHS junior Kyle Rock, “many students will not really try as hard on the state test since the AP test brings on a lot more pressure that students want to get over with after the (AP) test.”