Bianco, Abel carry on family legacy, crowned chicken champions


Molly Archer, Staff Writer

Two students from each grade were chosen to compete head-to-head in a chicken nugget eating contest at Friday’s pep rally on Sept. 9. including Anna Abel and Drew Bianco who followed in their siblings’ footsteps for the win.

Graduates Allison Abel and Michael Bianco won the contest their junior and senior years of high school, inspiring their younger brother and sister to continue their legacy.

“It’s kind of like a family tradition,” said Anna. “We wanted to carry on the name.”

When the two juniors walked out on the court, the rest of their class screamed with enthusiasm cheering them on. Both team members were preparing themselves for what would come next.

“I knew, without a doubt, that we were going to finish and eat all of the chicken,” Abel said.

It was go-time, and each team began eating, almost inhaling, the chicken nuggets so that they could possibly become the chicken-eating champion of 2016 at Oxford High School.

The contestants were nearing their last few chicken nuggets, and the crowd was sitting on the edge of their seats to see who would finish first.

The juniors finished, took a step back, and their classmates went wild. They were so proud to have won. They made their family name one to remember when it comes to chicken eating.

Both Abel and Bianco took this competition very seriously. They both had a feeling that their team would win.

“I ate a big dinner last night just to get the stomach expanded,” Bianco said.

And it obviously worked. Bianco was the first out of everyone to eat all of the chicken on his plate with Abel close behind.

When asked who his top competitors were Bianco said, “Definitely the seniors. Daniel (Morales) was stuffing a lot of chicken in his mouth.”

But that didn’t stop them. The dynamic duo took the stage by storm.

Now that they’ve won the competition their junior year, Abel and Bianco can begin preparing for next year. They are hoping to finish high school with another win.

“I like a two-peat,” Bianco said confidently.

Until next year, students will be waiting anxiously to see if the Abel and Bianco title will continue to live on.

“Someone’s got to be the champion for a champion to walk away,” Bianco said.