Student artists win top prizes for photography


courtesy of Hannah Spillers

Sophomore Hannah Spillers submitted her photograph “Mississippi Dame” to the Photographer’s Forum and became a finalist for her work. She is looking forward to having the picture shown in the “Photographer’s Forum” magazine.

Emmie Stevens, Staff Writer

Several OHS students have competed and succeeded in different art competitions like the National Scholastic Art and Writing Competition, the Photographer’s Forum competition and the Oxford School District Art Show.

Junior Kitty Case participated in the National Scholastic Art and Writing Competition and won a silver key, which is the second highest honor a student can receive. She also won a gold key, the highest honor, and an honorable mention in the regional competition.

“I submitted four pictures to the regional scholastic competition,” Case said. “Only one of them made it nationally.”

Case has not entered this type of competition before but was excited to win an award.

“I was astonished when I heard I had won,” Case said. “I didn’t think I’d win anything, honestly.”

Case enjoyed participating in the competition.

“My favorite part about participating in this competition was the amount of support and encouragement that came from Mr. and Mrs. Johnson,” Case said.

Sophomore Hannah Spillers submitted her photos to a national photography contest called Photographer’s Forum. She submitted two black and white photographs to be judged.

“I just started this year entering art into competitions, so this is all a new experience, but I am really enjoying it,” Spillers said.

She was a finalist for the competition, so one of her photos will be published in a “Photographer’s Forum” magazine.

“I felt really accomplished and excited when I found out I was a finalist,” Spillers said.

Spillers had a great experience for her first time competing in this competition.

“My favorite part about participating in this was the experience of entering a photo to be judged for the first time,” Spillers said.

Sophomore Emerson Hultman participated in the district art show at the Powerhouse on March 27.

“This art show was to display the art of the students at Oxford High to other people around Oxford,” Hultman said. “Mostly the art show was for the students to get recognition, and their artwork could also be sold at this show.”

Hultman submitted several photographs to be displayed at the show.

“It made me happy and excited that my work was even good enough to be featured in something like this,” Hultman said.  “As a student who does art, it’s always nice when someone believes in you.”

This was Hultman’s first art show, but she is planning to get more involved in the future.

“I just joined the art program this year, so this is my first time being able to do anything like this,” Hultman said. “I would love to participate in something like this again. I think it’s an awesome way to have my art shown.”