Deadpool livens up audience with humor


Edward Morgan, Staff Writer

Deadpool really had nothing going for it. 

The film, starring – surprise, surprise – Ryan Reynolds and rated R, was released in February.  However, it not only got great reviews from critics, but it pulled in $150 million in the box office over Valentine’s Day weekend. 

I wasn’t really wanting to see the film, but I felt obligated after all the buzz.  It did not disappoint.

Deadpool is a lesser-known comic book hero.  He is known as the “mirk with the mouth,” and this film portrayed him as such.  The script really was great for the film and gave some really funny jokes.  The filmmakers threw out as many jokes as they could, and most hit the mark just right. 

“It was amazing, so funny.  You’ve gotta see it,” OHS junior Battle Crews said.

It had a great amount of jokes for not only general audiences but fans of the source material.  It should be noted that this film is rated R – not your traditional PG-13 one for a superhero movie – and it deserves that rating.  It holds no jokes back and throws as much as it can as fast as it can at the viewer.

The film has some very good dramatic moments as well.  The relationship between Wade Wilson (Deadpool) and his girlfriend was surprisingly well developed and felt natural.  His relationships with his fellow superheroes (Colossus and Subatomic Teenage Warhead) were also very well done.  They seemed to be great contrasts to Deadpool and provided some great jokes themselves. 

Everyone had great chemistry with Deadpool, and that really improved the film.

“Deadpool was hilarious and awesome,” OHS senior Sydney Cotten said. “It wasn’t for the faint of heart.”

The only flaws in the movie are the things that they couldn’t fit in.  I loved the action so much that I was disappointed there wasn’t more of it.  The film was only an hour and 48 minutes, and I really wish that it could have been longer.  I left the theater wishing I could have seen more. 

It is worth noting that Deadpool is really stirring up the movie universe.  With so many superhero movies coming out, many were shocked to see that Deadpool was bringing in more money than most big-budget Marvel films in a few weeks. 

A lot of people think that this will make companies produce more R-rated movies hoping to capitalize on the possible success like Deadpool.

“I never realized I wanted to see Ryan Reynolds play Deadpool until it was presented to me,”  OHS senior Colby Hale said.  “It was a 10 out of 10, and I would recommend it.”