Diane Coffee brings funk to Oxford


Courtesy of Cara Robbins

Shaun Fleming of Diane Coffee will perform an exciting show at Proud Larry’s this Friday. Students can attend for $10 for a fun start to the weekend.

Livvy Cohen, Staff Writer

Diane Coffee, alias for Shaun Fleming, is serving some energizing tunes on Friday at Proud Larry’s on the Square. Students can attend the show to hear a diverse sound of soul and funk.

“I’ve heard people call it psychedelic Motown or soul glam. I think those sum up the sound of the records well enough,” Fleming said.

Along with the soulful vibe of his two albums, many inspirations have played a part in creating what fans know Diane Coffee as today.

“I don’t know if I have any ‘major’ or singular inspirations,” Fleming said. “I find that I go through phases with particular artists where I completely immerse myself in their work and others associated with their sound. With this last album (“Everybody’s a Good Dog”) I was listening to a lot of Joe Cocker, Sam Cook, Sufjan Stevens, Al Green, and the Headwig and the Angry Inch major motion picture soundtrack.”

For OHS music lovers, Fleming threw out a record that he wished he had as inspiration during his time in high school.
“I think my favorite record of this year is The Party by Andy Shauf. I really wish this came out when I was in High School. It’s a must-listen,” Fleming said.

While most know him as the drummer from indie-favorite Foxygen (composed of Sam France and Jonathan Rado), Fleming wants to create a name for himself with this new project.

“The only aggravating part to me is the relentless use of the phrase ‘Foxygen Side Project’ or ‘Diane Coffee (Foxygen).’ The only reason it bothers me is that I was never IN Foxygen. That’s Sam and Rado’s project,” Fleming said.

“My role was that of a session player. Diane Coffee is my project, my baby. I usually don’t cause a fuss over it though. I’m sure it helps people who appreciated their music find my stuff. I guess I’m just curious when I can just be Shaun Fleming of Diane Coffee.”

Through Diane Coffee, Fleming hopes to explore his musical knowledge and creativity as he goes. His first album “My Friend Fish” emerged from this mindset.

“I’ve never really tried to write anything in a particular style. I just write what I’m into at the moment. I wasn’t planning on writing the first album at all, actually,” Fleming said. “It was sort of a mess of demos from when I was sick in New York and needed something to do. They made their way into the hands of Western Vinyl and My Friend Fish was born. So, in a way, I looked to the first album to see what Diane Coffee was all about.”

Fleming saw that Diane Coffee was a type of “right place, right time” project, but had been putting effort into for a long time beforehand.

“I had been working towards getting my music out there for as long as I had been writing. As for this project, chalk it up to right place, right time. It sort of created itself,” he said.

Diane Coffee’s third album is already in the works, continuing his experimentation of sounds and emotions. Fleming is planning to create a new, fun sound as a surprise to listeners, while still incorporating old sounds.

“I’m currently gathering all my notes and demos together for when I get off the road,” Fleming said. “Then I’ll be in full writing mode.”

“As far as the sound, I’m sure there will be elements of the old stuff, but I’ve been tinkering with some new sounds that will hopefully yield some interesting results. Stay tuned,” he said.

Students can see Diane Coffee perform at Proud Larry’s on Friday, Oct. 21st.

Doors: 8 p.m. / Show: 9 p.m.

Tickets are $10 before day of show, $12 at the door.

Under 18 may be accompanied by an adult.