OHS seniors mark the next chapter of their lives with senior signing day


Eve Gershon

Seniors gather for a photograph after senior signing day in the library.

Eve Gershon, Features Editor

OHS hosted a senior signing day Monday, May 15, for students to officiate their entrance into college and the military. The school used this day as an opportunity to recognize students for their academic achievements.

Many of the students are ready to move on from high school and move on to their next step in life.

“I’ve been kind of waiting my whole life for it, you know. Just to actually do it, it’s like a feeling of accomplishment,” senior Mikel Russel said.

Russel is going to be in the United States Army next year. He admits that there is a lot about high school he will really miss.

“Just the environment and the friends,” Russel said. “In the army, you don’t really know anybody. You’re just going into a whole different lifestyle. Overall, I really wish I had another year of high school.”

Senior Jacob Sandlin is going to Mississippi State to major in international relations, and he can’t wait.

“I feel so excited,” Sandlin said. “State is offering a really good program. I’m very happy to get this opportunity.”

Jakeiria Williams, who is going to Northwest Community College, is also looking forward to next year, ready to move on from the last four years of her life.

“I’m super excited to finally be out of high school,” Williams said.

During the ceremony, the students were asked to go up to a table one by one and list their name, the college they are going to attend or branch of the military they are set to be in, their intended major, if applicable, and a piece of advice for current OHS students.

“My advice was just keep up perseverance,” Sandlin said. “You just have to persevere through high school because everything will work out if you just keep on trying. You’ve got to have hard work.”

Williams agrees that a solid work ethic in high school will certainly help you succeed in college and later on in life.

“Stay focused and make sure you get all your work done on time,” Williams said.

Russel believes that a student’s key to success lies in their ability to use their weakness and strengths in their favor to make them as strong as they can be.

“Your weakest and strongest part of your body is your mind,” Russel said. “If you can maximize that power you can overcome anything in life.”