Fall Out Boy transitions to pop music, disappoints with new album ‘M A N I A’


Emmie Stevens, Staff Writer

On Jan. 19 Fall Out Boy released its 6th studio album, “M A N I A,” which is its first album since 2015’s “American Beauty/American Psycho.” Although the album was decent, many long-time Fall Out Boy fans were disappointed by the new style of music that the band experimented with.

Fans were not sure what to expect from this album after the band released singles including “Young and Menace” in April 2017, which strayed from what would be considered the band’s typical style. Fall Out boy’s previous music tended to fall into the genre of pop-punk or pop-rock, but the new album is seen as strictly pop. “Young and Menace” was much more of an EDM and pop song compared to Fall Out Boy’s previous songs. This release confused fans who were not expecting such a pop-heavy track.

The album opened with “Young and Menace,” which set a poor tone for the album. It gave a very hopeless feeling and low expectations for what more was to come.

“Wilson (Expensive Mistakes),” definitely had, to long-time fans, the most familiar sound and is, arguably, the best song on the album. It had less of an electronic influence and more of a rock vibe than any of the other songs on the album.

“Heaven’s Gate” is one of the slower songs on the album which provided a nice break from some of the harsher electronic songs on the album.

The band started a transition between pop-punk and pure pop with “American Beauty/American Psycho,” which had a more pop sound than its earlier albums “Folie á Deux,” “Infinity on High” and “From Under The Cork Tree.” Fall Out Boy, however, made the full transition to pop music within this album.

The lyrics of all the songs on the album are still the same great lyrics that Fall Out Boy is known for, but the lyrics are masked by the sound of the music in a way that they can’t really be appreciated.

Overall, “M A N I A” is a reputable album, but it can’t live up to the music of past Fall Out Boy. It left fans disappointed by the style of the songs on the album. I definitely enjoyed all the songs on the album, but the album still didn’t live up to my expectations because of the extreme change in genre. From this album, it seems that Fall Out Boy has changed, and not for the better.