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(Satirical) Top 10 Ten Commandments. You’re Not Gonna BELIEVE Number 6!

(Satirical) Top 10 Ten Commandments. You're Not Gonna BELIEVE Number 6!

Matt Simpson

April 4, 2016

10) You shall not covet. 8) You shall not steal. 7) You shall not commit adultery. 6) You shall not murder. 5) Honor your father and your mother. 2) You shall not make idols. 1) You shall have no other gods before Me.  ...

(Satirical) Mysterious presence haunts history building

(Satirical) Mysterious presence haunts history building

Evelyn Smith

October 27, 2015

A chill breeze, a dark and stormy night, and a very large blowup ghost in the neighbor’s yard.  The three can combine to mean only one thing…it’s time for Halloween. Recently, word has spread of a mysterious presence on the campus of Oxford High School.  With an eerie holiday vastly approaching,...

(Satirical) Student suspected of cheating in hide and seek

Matt Simpson

October 5, 2015

Oxford Elementary School has been in turmoil ever since an incident of severe misconduct occurred during recess on Tuesday. The misdemeanor at issue took place during a game that numerous little tykes across the country take very seriously: hide and seek. Third grader Freddy Smith, was allegedly caught...

(Satirical) Student with no arms dress coded for shorts not being fingertip length

Matt Simpson

September 28, 2015

On Monday at Oxford High School, sophomore Shanda Lier was dress coded for her excessively short trousers. “I was walking through the halls and a teacher saw my outfit and stopped me immediately,” Lier said. “He asked me if my shorts were fingertip length.” Lier was in a tragic car accident...

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